Open View Channels.

OpenView, also known as OV or OVHD is a free-to-view direct satellite broadcast TV based in South Africa. OpenView is run by Platco Digital, which is a subsidiary of eMedia Group.


OpenView, run as a part of eMedia Group, also includes free-to-air channel, also based in South Africa.

OpenView also carries SABC networks, including several local and international channels to satisfy viewers on various channels for the latest happenings on News, weather reports, live sports events, entertainment, showbiz, and so on. It also carries nearly thirty audio-only radio stations. In other words, OpenView HD have FMs viewers can listen to.


In this article, we’ll look at OpenView Channel list, OpenView channels on DSTV, Prices, how to watch OpenView channels on DSTV, and other guides concerning OpenView.

OpenView Channels 2022.

OpenView is that South African satellite TV that provides you with channels containing all kinds of entertainment, latest News reports, sports weather reports, and lifestyle for free; It is free-to-view; you do not have to pay for to view the channels about to be listed below.

Below are OpenView channels on a tabular list form for 2021/2022 that are free-to-view. The table gives you the name of the channel and their numbers, so you can may easily navigate to any channel of your choice by entering a certain number on your remote control.


Channel Number Channel Name

101 SABC 1

102 SABC 2

103 SABC 3

104 E TV

105 e Extra

106 e Movies

107 e Movies Extra

108 e Reality

109 e Rewind

110 Star Life

115 People’s Weather

120 e News & Sport

121 France 24

122 DBE TV

124 SABC Sport

130 e Toonz

134 Mindset

135 SA Music

136 Soul Music

140 Glow TV

150 Supa TV

These are the latest channels on OpenView that are free-to-view. There are also radio stations you can listen to. That is to say that OpenView also gives the best of radio stations for free. Here is a list of audio-only radio stations on OpenView:

Channel Number Channel Name

600 Yenakeyona

601 BOK radio

602 LM Radio

604 OFM

605 Heart FM

607 Radio pulpit

608 Kaya FM

609 TransAfricRadio

610 Metro FM

611 5 FM.

OpenView Decoder Channels.

You can get all the channels listed above and more when you buy the OpenView decoder. The decoder itself can be purchased for R499, while a combo package that adds the required satellite dish and installation will cost R1,499.

How Many Channels are on OpenView?

OpenView satellite free-to-view TV currently broadcasts 21 TV channels and 29 radio stations. These allow viewers to watch all kind of contents from channels of their choice. All of its broadcasts are delivered in a digital format, with video channels offered in HD resolution.

How to watch OpenView Channels on DSTV.


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