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MTN Contract Cancellation

It’s crucial to know and comprehend the conditions of any service provider’s contract, especially if you can’t wait until the conclusion of the time frame. Many MTN customers sign up for contracts that include phones, tablets, airtime, and data. However, many people begin seeking ways to end their contracts before they expire. If you cannot continue with your MTN contract and you wish to cancel it, then continue reading this post.

MTN Contract Cancellation Process

Before you cancel your contract with MTN, you will send a 20 days notice before your contract expires, as MTN contract cancellation might take up to 20 days to process.

You may have to pay the following fees when canceling a contract:

  • A device outstanding cost (if applicable)
  • Subscription of one month
  • Charges for remaining usage

After you’ve given 20 days’ notice that you want to terminate your contract.

Dial 135 to connect with an MTN customer service representative who will walk you through the canceling procedure. In addition, the agent will be able to provide you with a thorough breakdown of any cancellation costs.

You can also cancel your contract through email by sending your cancellation request to [email protected] and an MTN representative will respond.

What Happens to my Device after canceling my MTN contract

When you cancel your MTN contract, what happens to the phone or laptop you were given as part of the deal? The majority of individuals are unaware that the device still belongs to MTN during the contract period. As a result, you are merely renting the phone until you have fully paid for it.

If you don’t want to keep the contract, you will have to make a complete payment for it to be yours. This is one of the fees you’ll have to pay if you cancel your contract early.

Note that you will also be charged cancellation fees if you port your phone number to another network provider before the end of your contract period. So before signing that contract, think twice.

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