Video: “The ANC must realise they don’t take all the decisions anymore, they didn’t win the election.” – Helen Zille

It’s a tale head game for both DA and ANC, Meanwhile Prez Cyril Ramaphosa is sworn in today in Tshwane- South Africa.

The ANC must realise they dont take all the decisions anymore , they didn’t win the election, – HelenZille continued to tell the media that Fikile Mbalula must read clause 24 of the document he signed …” – Helen Zille

While the Government of National Unity (GNU) continues to dominate politics, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has hit back, saying the African National Congress (ANC) cannot make decisions on its own.



After the results of the 29 May general elections were announced, many parties joined the Government of National Unity (GNU) after the ANC’s national vote fell below 50%.

When it was confirmed that the DA and ANC had signed the GNU agreement, jaws dropped and the alliance was closely watched. The DA is now the second largest party in South Africa.
Speaking to Clement Manyathala on the SABC’s Face the Nation programme,
DA director general Helen Zille said the ANC was not the party that would make decisions in the new GNU-led government.

“All parties to the GNU must agree. So first of all there must be GNU parties and then these parties must represent 60% of the seats in parliament,” he said.



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When asked if there was any way the ANC could pass a resolution without the prosecutor’s permission, Zille replied:

“We [the DA] will represent at least 30% of the seats in the GNU, the ANC will represent at least 60%, but you have to think about all the parties that will be in the GNU. Without the Alliance for Democracy, the ANC would not have won the 60% of the seats that the GNU has in parliament.”

He also said that ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula should first discuss with them which parties should join the GNU.

“The ANC cannot bring in the people it thinks it wants to bring. This is another thing Fikile doesn’t understand: ‘In keeping with the whole spirit of the GNU, it has been agreed that when new parties wish to join the GNU, compositions must be negotiated and agreed upon by the existing parties. . ‘

“Now the agreed upon method is sufficient. In other words, the ANC cannot invite everyone, as Fikile thinks. He continued to make public statements about this new arrival and newcomer, but he has to read the 24th article of his signature. ”


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