Photos & Video: Kabza De Small displays the140k worth Van Cleef bracelet DJ Maphorisa bought for him.

The relationship between Kabza De Small and Maphorisa continues to grow and they love to show it off to their fans.

Kabza De Small once again shows off the expensive loot he received from his musical friend Maphorisa. Piano stars Kabza De Ntoya and Maphorisa seem to be getting closer

Hilt De Small wore an ancient Alhambra Van Cleef bracelet said to be worth 140,000. The jewel was a gift from her friend Maphorisa and the clip showed Kabza and Phori shopping.



There were reports earlier this year that the two best friends had fallen out, but Kabza De Small says he is still on good terms with DJ Maphorisa.

This happened after Maphorisa asked her followers to stop asking her questions about Kabza’s whereabouts every time she goes on social media.

“You like to ask me questions about Kabza as if I were married to him. Kabza is married and has a wife. Do I always have to live in Kabza? Why don’t you go to his Instagram and ask him where he is? said Maphorisa.





In response to rumors that they were having trouble, Kabza said on Instagram that the “Scorpion Kings” are still friends.

“They are crazy, full of nonsense. Nevermind. You’re crazy. What will I fight with Phori? He is my friend. I don’t know where you got this information. Do you want to fight?




World famous Maestros, Scorpion Kings, consisting of DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small, are bringing the taste of piano to New York’s Central Park in July.

Grand Park will become a major music and cultural hub, hosting the Scorpion Kings in an unprecedented celebration of this South African musical genre.


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