Mihlali Ndamase and her married man boyfriend, Leeroy Sidambe are back together; Here are the details from Close Sources

Social media star Mihlali Ndamase and her businessman boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe are reportedly back together after calling it quits last year due to breakup allegations, according to ZiMoja. betrayal and fight.


When the couple split, Mihlali revealed how she paid for her trips with Leeroy. This happened after a video of Leeroy and his friends surrounded by women in Dubai went viral on social media.

In the video, Leeroy is also seen kissing one of the women. Mihlali said: “Don’t act like the boss in Dubai when you owe me money. Talking about getting on a plane is not an emotion. Who in Mexico will cough up money if your card stops working? Hahaha. Don’t try.” “It was chai, my angels. I broke up with that person in October. I’m at peace (I’m at peace). ”


It was later revealed that the separation between Mihlali and Leeroy resulted from a physical fight in which Mihlali was allegedly left on one of her legs.

The two best friends confirmed to ZiMoja ​​that they are indeed back together. “This had to be done,” he said. “But they want to do better. They’ve been back for a while now, but they’re keeping it a secret.”



His friend added that they broke off their relationship a few weeks ago when they met in a friend group. “At first they were just talking to each other but now they’re really back. Mıhlali wants to do this alone. ‘In May Leeroy denied they were back together.

Social media star Mihlali is said to have alienated Leeroy from his wife Mary Jane Sidambe. They started dating before Mary Jane’s divorce was finalized.

In an interview on Showmax’s Unfollowed, she said dating a married man doesn’t worry her. “Ah! No honey. Waiting is not for me. “I’m not the person you married,” he said. “He was the one who made the decision to find a date and go out with someone.” Mihlali said she had nothing to do with money. “I have my own money! Are you Mad? There are many men in the world who have money. So do they respect women? ”

Leeroy was experiencing financial problems at his business and was unable to pay his employees at Black Industrials Africa Group.

When ZiMoja ​​contacted Mihlali’s management, they said they were not interested in her private life. “And it won’t interfere with your personal life.” “I would like to make this suggestion,” Leeroy said.


Source: Zimoja

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