‘I went out, gave her a hug & wished her the best” – Nota speaks after divorce to Berita; Here’s everything Nota said

Controversial artist manager Nota, whose real name is Nhlamulo Baloyi, announced his separation from Gugulethu “Berita” Khumalo during the finale.


Nota shared with Daily Sun that he was relieved that the divorce was over. The Joburg-based businessman celebrated the end of his marriage on Wednesday (June 19) after going to court to finalize the divorce, saying it was “a necessary step for both parties”.

Nota revealed that the divorce process is financially crippling for most men, but he is lucky to have good friends who help him through the process.

Here he speaks for the first time about court proceedings, his final goodbyes & whatnot: 😒

“I went out, gave her a hug & wished her the best”😞



When asked if he was considering remarriage, the musician replied: “Yes, but next time a virgin. There are a lot of girls who have qualified and the reed dance is just a few months away. ”

Notes advised couples in love to love each other and choose partners in stable, loving homes, warning them not to “help everyone.” She also said that marrying into school is always dangerous.

“Make sure he comes from a loving home. Don’t try to save anyone. ”

He said his focus now is to fight for a better life for his people and continue to be a role model for young black boys.




Music executive Nota Nhlamulo Baloyi and his estranged wife, Gugulethu Khumalo, professionally known as Berita, have officially ended their marriage.

Nota has informed South Africans that he’s now a free Man, this after his marriage to Zimbabwean Afro Pop Singer, Berita ended…

Nota, signed on the dotted line. He’s now very much single and celebrating his freedom as a single Man, however, Berita hasn’t said or posted any statement yet.

He tweeted;

The lesson is to make sure she leaves with nothing of yours & loses half of everything she gained… Another lesson is marry in your class. Bringing someone up out of poverty is like going to bed with a snake that is starving itself to build up the appetite to swallow you whole.😌




Controversial Nota Baloyi and his wife Berita have finally separated.

News about a couple who publicly separated as husband and wife share the same stories Musa Khawula. Many users have rated their differences in how Nota can feel. After two drama-filled years, they have finally ended it all.


In the past, South African music director Nota Baloyi has often made people worry about her mental health. His Twitter account is endless on almost every topic that becomes controversial. His divorce from wife Berita brought with it a series of controversial tweets in which he complimented her or said he loved her unconditionally.

However, many believed that he decided to move on after months without saying anything about his marriage or Berita.

Nota is known for attacking local celebrities and making controversial statements that have gotten him into hot water in the past.
In 2023, after asking all the questions to Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka of Kaya FM, Berita decided to end things with Nota and begged him to get professional help.

Berita told the audience: “I remember a lot about the day I left my marriage… I was in an abusive and violent relationship… The day I found out I was in an abusive relationship I didn’t stay there even a minute. ”


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