Drama as Nonku Williams gets sued by Peet Viljoen, demands damages of R 1 million ; Here’s what Nonku said

Nonku Williams of “The Real Housewives of Durban” has been sued by Peet Viljoen following allegations of harassment by his wife, Melany Viljoen.

Controversy arose when Nonku officially announced The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip SA, which is currently on Showmax. The statement alleges that Peet harassed his wife and emphasizes that he joined the cult on his own. Nonku also said that Peet believed that Mel controlled his life, that he was responsible for her decision not to have children, and that his wife adored him.

While these accusations led to Peet’s legal reprimand, Rapport reported that Peet filed a lawsuit seeking 1 million Rwandan francs for libel.
“Real Housewives of Pretoria Peet and Mel have filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Housewives of Durban over allegations Peet abused his wife,” Rapport reported on Sunday.



Peet said in his speech that the only harassment Mel suffered was wearing all those diamonds, that production took her to Jamaica for business school because she could only afford an economy ticket, and that they took her to Miami before they started filming. It shows the truth and its aftermath.

Nonku also stated that she believed Peet controlled Mel’s life and that he was responsible for her decision not to have children. Peet denied the news in a statement and defended her decision not to have children.
According to
South Africa, Peet denied the allegations and defended her choice not to have children in a statement accompanying the release.

“Mel has no family left, there is no one to help me if something happens to me. We are not living in 1955. If a woman does not want children, she is worthless. I’m tired of the kid scandal on the show. ”

She continued: “I have been a divorce lawyer defending women against abusive husbands for seventeen years. I requested a new trial after the court found that I had been harassed for about fifteen years. I have five sisters who would beat me up if I had a bad attitude towards women.”



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Housewife Nonku has not publicly disclosed anything about the ongoing case against her in response to questions.

In response to comments on Instagram, one user said: “Mel has the right to defend herself. If she stays silent, people will continue to demand answers from her. Your name carries your honor, you must defend it. Especially if you are in business and also a public person. ”

Another user enthusiastically shouted: “Go get ’em, Mel! You’re amazing, you don’t need to explain yourself. ”

Another user expressed concern, writing: “You should always defend yourself, this may show some truth in what they think. People who are always defensive have a lot to hide, so you are always on the edge.”

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