Beverly Tlhako is engaged to her Nigerian forex boyfriend; Check Photos and Videos from Beverly Tlhako’s Engagement Out

Soith African slay queen, Beverly Tlhako is officially off the market as her Nigerian boyfriend, Ikoflagos puts a ring on it on her 23rd birthday vacation in Dubai.

Yes, Beverly Tlhako is engaged to a Nigerian forex guy known as Ikoflagos. This engagement happened in Dubai over the weekend where she was celebrating her 23rd Birthday.




Beverly Tlhako is a South African actress, model and entrepreneur. She is known for posting her gorgeous photos on social media.
There was speculation that the model went under the knife to get her curvaceous body, but he neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

The engagement came as a surprise to many South Africans. Check Photos and Videos out;






Known for her entertaining content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Beverly Tlhako has built a large following with her fun personality and fashion statement. The news of her engagement has received a lot of support from her followers who have been following her journey closely.

This request, which is a private matter, reflected the relationship between Beverly and her lover. Although the couple choose to keep most of their relationship private, the moments they share on social media show a strong and loving union. Beverly’s boyfriend, whose name remains anonymous, has been a supporter of her throughout her life. He frequently appears in her posts and stories, expressing the joy and love they share.


This engagement marks a significant turning point for Beverly, both personally and professionally. While his fans are happy with his happiness, they fill his messages with messages of gratitude and good wishes. The couple’s cultural relations also became an object of admiration, showing the beauty of love that transcends borders and cultural differences.

As Beverly and her boyfriend prepare for their future, their engagement is a sign of commitment and love. The dictator, who continues to inspire his followers with his honesty, added a new page to his life story, which his followers eagerly awaited.




Beverly Tlhako’s engagement is not an individual event, but a public testimony to the power of love and connection in the digital age. His journey from social media to grooming is an example to many and shows that true love can be found and celebrated even in the most unexpected places.

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